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Belters and bohemians: Opera Locos @Sadlers_wells

At the start of the Opera Locos performance, the announcement says that they really are singing. You could be forgiven for wondering that, given the amplification turns up the backing track and the voices so loud that you can't always tell what's real. But this is a mostly harmless and slightly eccentric blend of opera classics fused with the occasional pop classic. However, recognising the pop tunes would help if you were over a certain age. The most recent of them dates back twenty years. It's currently playing at the Peacock Theatre .  Five performers play out a variety of archetype opera characters. There's the worn-out tenor (Jesús Álvarez), the macho baritone (Enrique Sánchez-Ramos), the eccentric counter-tenor (Michaël Kone), the dreamy soprano (María Rey-Joly) and the wild mezzo-soprano (Mayca Teba). Since my singing days, I haven't recognised these types of performers. However, once, I recall a conductor saying he wanted no mezzo-sopranos singing with the s

Theatre Week... Oh the drama...

Last week was a week for Theatre. Four plays and one Musical. This is what happens when friends who are mad theatre-goers drop in to London and have been dying for some cultural pursuits... Well Adrian comes from Melbourne where all they have been playing down there of late I think is re-runs of Menopause the Musical and Phantom of the Opera, so his desperation for some culture was understandable... First play up was Rookery Nook at the Menier Chocolate Factory . It was still in preview last Tuesday and I couldn't help but think that they had yet to get the pacing right. Part of the problem might have been sitting so close to the action. While it was harder to fall asleep, it also meant that the over the top acting and other shenanigans was right in your face. Sometimes a little distance helps. Still the flag seller, the dog and the biscuits strewn across the floor kept me intrigued with the show. Perhaps a trim of the play might have helped with the levels of enjoyment. I left Adr

Hot News This Week In London...

Killer Flu Reaches Europe , originally uploaded by LinkMachineGo . Oink oink oink...

Photo shots: Princi...

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Photo shots: I really like your shoes...

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Theatre: Rookery Nook

First impressions now with Adrian from Melbourne... More later... Listen!

Hot news this week in London

SLP: Kitty Tikka , originally uploaded by Ronald Hackston . Another unintelligible headline from the South London Press...

Idle banter at the movies Sunday

Paul: Let the Right One In isn't that scary when you think about it... David: You kidding? I hadn't heard you hyperventilating so much since that aborted landing flying back from Edinburgh... Paul: Well okay... Still the central message of the movie seems to be that everyone needs a guardian angel... Of death...

Scenes from the Northern Line Tuesday

img_0833 , originally uploaded by Paul-in-London . What those crazy kids get up to on the Northern Line Tuesday... Or not... Close inspection suggested it had not been used...

Scenes from a Tuesday night rehearsal

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Idle chatter in the front row at Cadogan Hall Tuesday

Gio: I don't think much of their pirate outfits ... Paul: Hmm no but check out the camel toe on the violinist... Gio: Ok come interval we're leaving... Paul: I am finding it strangely intriguing already...