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Scenes from London Naked Bike Ride

Picture 500 , originally uploaded by Paul-in-London . It is that time of year again when naked people cycle through the streets of London . While it lacked the body paint and noise of last year's ride, it made up for that with the huge numbers of naked people cycling. And amongst all this full-frontal nudity there was a message that we should get back to nature and stop relying on oil... More ass , less gas or something like that... Walking back through Hyde Park afterwards one stumbled across a sea of naked and semi-naked people who had finished the ride. There were also loads of people taking photographs of this nakedness. I resisted the urge to capture close up nudity in favour of the magic of the ride... Besides some things are best viewed when they are whizzing by you...

Scenes from a Westminster Park

Picture 454 , originally uploaded by Paul-in-London . There are loads of things you cannot do, but it is nice to know the council would still like you to enjoy yourself while you are there...

Scenes from rehearsal Monday

Send in the clowns... We're performing at the Scoop on Friday as part of Fringe Choirs week ... Also performing this week is the London Irish Pensioner Choir... But they perform on Thursday... Posted via email from paulinlondon's posterous

Scenes from a rehearsal break...

Well... You are what you eat... Posted via email from paulinlondon's posterous