Moving and all it entails...

Notice has been given on the lease so I have six weeks to find short-term accommodation so have been reviewing The Gumtree, London Craigslist, Freedomlet and Gayshare.

It has been so long since I had to look for something that I had to go back to the August 2003 postings from this blog to remember the names. Fortunately all the sites are still there... Should have some certainty by the end of this week about where I will be living. The other part of the equation is how much longer will I stay here. I have a job until Easter... maybe a little longer... but after that might be the natural time to return to Oz.

Since I am looking for something for the first half of the year I have been debating should I go for miserable and frugal or decadent and expensive? I think I will make the decision on what's available of course but these thoughts cross one's mind... Plus something handy to public transport with regular Night Buses...

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