News: Last orders still at 11 and other bloody stories

Since February when pubs have had the opportunity to apply for extended trading hours there hasn't exactly been a rush of applications... To the surprise of many. Not that they could have opened for longer until November this year, but the application process is such a long and involved process that they need almost 10 months to fill out the form. So no extended drinking hours look likely in the foreseeable future.

That article appeared in many papers, but it is always fun to read the Sun as apart from the tits, you get a very different slant on the world of England (not much more either for that matter)...

By the way despite that axe murder on Monday Eton Avenue is still a lovely street with nice friendly people. Just keep away from the ones with the large heavy implements.

Meanwhile the Hamstead and Highgate Express is calling it Bloody Monday as a nice Jewish pensioner was also killed the same day in what is purported to be a botched burglary in Golders Green.

Oh and something pretty... the daffodils are out...

Conversations at work

Paul [to colleague]: I am going to call that (very important) person who was annoying the hell out of me yesterday
Colleague: What will you say to her?
Paul: Bitch

Since becoming single again I have regained my dark sense of humour. It wasn't too hard to get back. It was just in storage with the rest of my suppressed personality.

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