News: Murder, pollution and feeling peckish

Found the Evening Standard photographs. Still no motive for the public murder.

One other thing I didn't know about the Swiss Cottage corner (that I used to walk by) is that it is the second most polluted spot in the UK... So what's the first???

The other smashing story is about the man who was sentenced to life for two murders - and one of the victims he started eating the brains of (fried in butter). He killed the second while on release from being sectioned, but there are no systematic flaws in the mental health system

Weather: Spring is here

Well actually, from the 15th it is officially spring, but today was the first day it really felt warm. Winter may have been cold and harsh, but you can always wear something fabulous and warm... Not anymore... It was a balmy 15 degrees today...

Theatre: I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

Caught a fringe production of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change tonight. It has been playing in New York for some years now, and is a witty little take on dating, marriage, children and death (in that order) although across the pond it seems a bit out of sorts with the English references thrown in to replace the Americanisms. The songs aren't the most sophistimicated ever written but they are witty enough ditties... It also didn't help that the cast seemed a bit young for the material too, and may have been inflicted with one of the lurgies about the city...

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