Weather Changes Continue

Still foggy and misty. However just after 8am I got a text from the former flatmate saying he was glad that we caught up and guy-who-took-room-after-me was after my number and would I mind sharing it.

At this point I realised it was the standard two days before somebody makes enquiries about getting numbers. Earlier than two days is not the done thing (you don't want to look desperate), but I was surprised getting it so early while I was in an 8am meeting...

When I finally got out of the meeting I spent about half an hour crafting a response, as I figured this was a message that was going to be read fairly widely. My former flatmates are such awful gossips. Bless their hearts.

Overheard in gym tonight

Muscle Mary #1: Now that he's gone I don't want to have anything to do with him anymore.
Muscle Mary #2: Yeah the break-up can be tough...
Muscle Mary #1: Of course, if he pays to fly me to New York, I'll be there!

After 9pm at the gym, everyone is single... but that's not the reason why I go there then!

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