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Love is all you need: The Island @cervantesthtr

A drama set on the seventh floor of a non-descript hospital waiting room may not be everyone's idea of a great night at the theatre. But love and all other forms of the human condition are dissected in Juan Carlos Rubio's The Island. Translated by Tim Gutteridge, it feels like everything is up for grabs. What is love? Is it a bond between two women with a fifteen-year age gap? Is it the love between a mother and her son with a severe unknown disability? A wonderful life full of health and happiness is not always an option on the menu, and the choices may become a bit less palatable. Throughout a series of sometimes banal conversations, what comes out is a story of two women with lives that are separate and together. And while the piece becomes darker on one level as it progresses, it never ceases to fascinate and draw further insights into the couples. It's currently playing at the Cervantes Theatre .  A couple waits in a hospital waiting room for the outcome of an accident
Office Lunchtime Banter

Paul (to AB eating lunch at her desk): Hmm what's that you're eating?
AB: It's snapper...
Paul: Well... You are what you eat...

Theatre: Bye Bye Birdie

I actually saw this in October 2003 upstairs at a pub in Clapham North. Tonight I saw it at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. And I actually liked the pub version better. Sure there were better looking actors in this one... And there were production values... But singing, acting or having a decent audio obviously were not priorities for this production. A pity really. And I think I have seen this show enough now... To last me at least a decade...

On the topic of musical theatre (what else?) Sondheim is purportedly back in town for the premiere of his TV Musical Evening Primrose at the as part of the Lost Musicals series. This show has sold out so completely that reportedly the press had to attend one of the dress rehearsals if they wished to review it. Now that sounds like a popular show...

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