Theatre: Aristocrats

Life does go on. On Friday evening I caught the Brian Friel play Aristocrats at the National Theatre which turned out to be an interesting evening of Theatre. Friel wrote this play in 1979 and it tells the tale of a rich land-owning Irish Catholic family that gathers for a wedding and secrets begin to unravel. There is a hint of Chekhov to the goings on as well.

But the first two acts I found heavy going. A lot of exposition (and Irish history to absorb). And after observing a minutes silence for those killed in the bombings prior to the first act commencing, I found it all too hard to focus on the intricate story. But somehow after the interval it just felt like the story all came together, and I don't think it was the interval drinks that did it. It was just the story then began to move.

The most enjoyable part of it was actor Andrew Scott. He played the twit son who perhaps was not so stupid as everyone believed him to be... The rest of the cast were just as good (and included a couple of well regarded Irish actors) but I particularly took a liking to this character. All told it became a very enjoyable evening - once one got past all the exposition.

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