The dinner game

There has been a slight hiatus given that one has been busy with a few other tasks, but on Sunday a successful dinner party was held in Balham. A was cooking curries for his friends and I was an innocent bystander in the goings on.

During the evening however, the subject of chicken curry I cooked in Australia was brought up as a topic for discussion. I had cooked a curry for six and when eight arrived I threw in a head of cauliflower so there was enough for everyone. I had raised this a week or so back with A as I found the whole idea of using cauliflower as "chicken extender" quite amusing. A being an aficionado on what to put and not to put in a curry found the whole idea of cauliflower in a chicken curry to be a ghastly thought and so much discussion ensued about the merits and demerits of cauliflower in a chicken curry. I maintained it rather a practical solution for when eight instead of six guests arrive.

After everyone left and we were doing a bit of clean up, I suggested to A that there were some other potential practical things to think about for future dinners such as
  • How to make guests who bring cheap red wine drink it
  • How to save time by preparing microwavable desserts and pass them off as your own
  • How to carry on conversations with dinner guests who know great detail about the saunas in Rome.
A wasn't so sure about my thoroughly practical advice but I get the feeling that the next dinner he puts on the guests will be expecting chicken curry with cauliflower...

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