It's too darn hot, we're having a heatwave...

With the temperature reaching 36.6 degrees near Gatwick on Wednesday, it was not a day for bragging when one was in one of the few offices in the building with air conditioning (and sitting right under it). I stayed back late at work just to enjoy the cool. In this heat other anti-social acts include:
  • Going out for ice creams and not coming back with enough for everybody

  • Closing the ventilation windows on the tube trains claiming it is too breezy standing next to it

  • Perspiring over fellow audience-members at a Proms Concerts (it was the Queen's 80th Birthday tribute tonight and the television cameras have picked up the audience battering programmes desperate for some movement of air)

  • Forgetting deodorant and using the grab rails on a peak hour Clapham omnibus

It is weather strictly for the Abercrombie and Fitch cargo shorts, a light t-shirt and flip flops… Incidentally thanks to global warming summer temperatures are expected to become more Mediterranean in London over the next 10-15 years so today's record is one that is unlikely to last for long…

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