Comedy: Tina C Tick My Box


Not content to see just one show this week at the Leicester Square Theatre, on Wednesday night I was back there with Richard to see Tina C's show Tick My Box. Having seen Dina Martina with Richard, I think he is becoming my drag act buddy. Well since neither of us are English we don't get so uptight about seeing men dressed up as women as much as some of the young gays on the scene seem to do... Anyway Richard is a bit of a Tina C fan and couldn't believe that as a gay man in London I had not seen her show before. Fortunately for me rather than suggest I should have my pink card revoked, he got me a ticket to her show.

The premise of this show is that Tina C - a self declared country music icon - is running for President of the United States of America and is after your vote. She isn't red (Republican) and she isn't blue (Democrat) but purple, and she want's everyone to vote purple. Hmmm... Sprinkled through the act are a smattering of songs about voting and ticking her box.

Having consumed a few sensible drinks and getting immersed talking to Richard about the US elections and whether Sarah Palin was a drag for the republican ticket, by the time Tina appeared on stage I was in the mood for this sort of show. Sitting so close it was easy to be distracted by Tina's legs. They were incredible. She must work out a lot. Her hair was fantastic too and her character was so sweet it was easy to fall in love with her... Even if she was a white trash redneck. Oh and the act of course was funny and just the sort of thing you need in a late evening show too...

Tina C is played by Christopher Green who also is a ginger and among his many talents has another character called Ida Barr... While Tina is a bit country Ida is a bit music hall... I'm sure Richard will soon fix that... Afterall, that's what drag act buddies are for...

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