When I'm not Paul in London... I'm Jack with a baby with a wonky penis...

Australian Couple for their Baby’s Hypospadias Surgery at Hospital of Mumbai in India

Hi I am Jack from Australia. I had my baby’s hypospadias surgery at hospital of Mumbai in India. Our child is a newborn baby. My wife is my other baby but that's another story. Doctors revealed that our son has symptoms of abnormal appearance of foreskin and penis on exam; abnormal direction of urine stream, the end of the penis was curved downward. All this indicated to (play dramatic music)...  hypospadias. Doctors suggested that we must go ahead for hypospadias surgery for our baby as soon as possible. I came in contact with Insert name of dodgy health tourism practice and Dr. Bojwani from Internet. I decided not to worry about my private health or the NHS and some quack online... I cannot praise them.  Enough. I contacted them and confirmed the appointment for my baby’s hypospadias surgery at hospital of Mumbai in India. The hospital staff was very friendly and efficient. The hospital is spotless and it is a pleasure to be treated humanely as opposed to the treatment I was used to in Australia where all they offered was the Butcher of Bundaberg Dr Jayant Patel.  I would have no hesitation in returning to this hospital for further treatment. I probably need my head examined and an oil change for my car and they offered a good deal on that too.

Apparently I'm Jack with a child with an odd shaped penis... And a wife! And she is happy! Who knew? Ok I might have played with the above text a little (the original looks like it was created using Google Translate), but a cautionary tale not to wear a new Abercrombie and Fitch polo when you are taking photos of yourself. You actually might look straight. I am not sure where my wife is. Maybe she is trying to translate the web page into English.

I think on my laptop I was just updating my blog and not updating gaydar at the time this image was taken...

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