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Bit parts: Garry Starr Performs Everything @swkplay

Garry Starr Performs Everything is a bare-bones (and bare buttocks) tribute to the theatre. Theatre may be in trouble, and audiences are down, but Garry Starr aims to save the theatre and bring back to the masses every style of theatre possible. As long as each style involves wearing a transparent white leotard or a skimpy thong. And tassels. It's part comedy, part physical comedy and part perv at Gary's physical prowess. The sentiment "if you've got it, flaunt it" applies here. So here we are with a show that has been around for some years and is having its first proper London run at the Southwark Playhouse (Borough) through Christmas. The premise is that Garry Starr (played by Damien Warren-Smith) has left the Royal Shakespeare Company over artistic differences. He is now on a mission to save the theatre from misrepresentation and worthy interpretations by doing things such as a two-minute Hamlet, recreating scenes from a Pinter play using unsuspecting audience

Hot August Nights: Drag Divas

If you have been wondering where you could see a live all-singing all-dancing tribute show to the worlds greatest divas performed by a bunch of blokes, then you could do with catching Drag Divas, which is having a short run at the Arts Theatre in Leicester Square. It has been always a bit difficult to see a drag show in central London as the local punters don't seem to go for that sort of thing... But it is great to see there is at least for the moment a place in the West End where you can go for a late night camp fix that doesn't take itself too seriously and gives a touch of hoary glamour to theatreland this summer.

The show is billed as being "Fierce. Fabulous. Fearless" and this could apply to both the divas and the drag performers as they come out and sing live in front of an audience that has already had a drink or three and has been warmed up by drag compere Mrs Moore. But what they may lack in the vocal department, they make up for with some impressive costumes and great performances that managed to channel the idiosyncracies of the star divas.

The cast includes Anthony Poore performing as Madonna and Dusty Springfield, Leo Loren performing as Amy Winehouse and Cher, Chris Dennis as Shirley Bassey and Liza Minnelli and Rob Tucker as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Tina Turner. And they are accompanied by two rather flexible singer-dancers Scott Bishop and Ashley Martin, who managed to thrill the audience with a few splits and gyrating manouvres.

At an hour fifteen it isn't a taxing diversion and feels like the sort of show anyone with some spare time after a day of sightseeing or drinking could do with. Just make sure that you have something to keep cool as the Arts Theatre is not the coolest of venues on a hot August night. The performers on stage won't be the only ones that are dripping with perspiration.

Drag Divas continues tonight and then Wednesday 22nd – Saturday 25th August 2012 at 10.15pm. Look for offers as for this week, tickets are two for one. Also keep you eyes out for the boys handing out fliers in Soho too...

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