In a damp warm spot: Mydidae

A day in the life of a married couple, as set in a bathroom is the premise of Jack Thorne's sharp and funny play, Mydidae, currently playing at the Soho Theatre.

This classy little play on the top floor of the Soho Theatre features a fully plumbed bathroom, that  provides the backdrop for a full and frank exploration of a couple and their secrets. Actors Pheobe Waller-Bridge and Keir Charles undress, shave, lust after each other, wash and urinate in front of the audience.

Strangely enough they don't fart in front of each other which was possibly a missed opportunity as there never seems to be a better place to do that than in a bathroom... Particularly if your partner is in it...  Of course once you get past the novelty of the full frontal nudity; the tweaking of the penis, the perky tits and vagina at eye level, it is amazing how it is the intensity of the performances and the intriguing story that holds your attention.

The piece seems an innocent enough premise at first, but gradually amongst the throwaway remarks and glib references a darker story emerges of a relationship under strain. It is hard not to have admiration for the actors, particularly as they run about dripping wet and don't have much to hide behind. A bathtub for two does not seem to be the most comfortable of spaces to perform, but it certainly intimate and both Waller-Bridge and Charles maintain the focus throughout the seventy minutes of the piece.

Whether you accept the premise of so many events taking place in the bathroom during one day may influence how much you appreciate it. But it nevertheless is an original idea from Drywrite, which is a new writing theatre company that supports writers to experiment with new ideas and perspectives. Drama at the bathtub runs until 22 December.

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