Don't forget to vote: Also Recognised Awards close Friday

Now that the Oliviers are out of the way, Friday is the last day people have to vote in the Also Recognised Awards, set up by the exciting new London theatre resource, My Theatre Mates run by Mark Shenton and Terri Paddock.

The Also Recognised Awards celebrate lesser-known but equally worthy talent in fields overlooked by other awards.

They comprise ten categories including an award for musical direction, which is the the first award of its kind, and recognises how the contribution of musical direction can really set the tone of a show.

Other awards include

  • Best ensemble performance
  • Best solo performance
  • Best original music
  • London newcomer of the year
  • Theatre event of the year
  • Best show poster
  • Best show trailer
  • Best twitter engagement

Voting for this year's award winners can be made online at the My Theatre Mates site.

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