50 ways to leave: Ok Bye @VAULTFestival #okbye

The phrase ok bye is so versatile. It can be used for a variety of endings. Some trivial some consequential. It could be full of meaning or absolutely meaningless. And this is the premise of RedBellyBlack’s intriguing show Ok Bye that concludes this weekend at The Vault festival.

Based on an idea by co-creators Kate Goodfellow and Vicki Baron, they explore what it means to say goodbye in two parts. Through movement, comedy and lip-syncing dialogue they juxtapose the ways and means of saying goodbye.

The first part is three estranged siblings reconnecting during the decline and death of a parent. Through movement and music they explore the transition from being a carefree child to a responsible adult.

The second part is a collection of in verbatim stories about good byes to a range of things such as pets, freedom or crackpot religions. The performers mouth to perfection the most bizarre stories about saying goodbye. losing weight or leaving a fundamentalist Christian group are particularly funny.

The effect is to veer from moving drama to moments of hilarity. Full of panache and style throughout it‘s brief hour, it’s an opportunity to reflect how versatile these two little words can be.

The Vault Festival is a bit of a random event full of brief encounters of shows by bright young things. Some will go on to have longer lives, but mostly it’s where ideas go to die. It’s a tough world out there and in a way Ok Bye is the perfect show for the festival.

Written and directed by Vicki Baron and underscored by Andrew Armfield on guitar, Ok Bye concludes on 11 March.


Photos by Robert Boulton

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