Previews: The Elephant Song @ParkTheatre

On Monday evening, I was to cover a mystery thriller, The Elephant Song. Instead, I was uncovering the mysteries of the London Underground, having found several lines out of action and an emergency evacuation. Only the London Underground would mess with my mind for the evening. But for those who manage to navigate the traffic and public transport (or better yet, can walk or cycle there), it’s currently playing at the Park Theatre. 

The Elephant Song is a Canadian play by Nicolas Billon. It premiered in 2002 and has had performances around the world. There’s also a film adaptation which is available to stream. But this is the first time it has premiered in the UK. 

Its premise is hospital director Dr Greenberg (Jon Osbaldeston) is questioning a disturbed patient Michael (Gwithian Evans), about a missing psychiatrist. Against the advice of colleagues, he continues the questioning to find out what happened to his colleague. The questioning leads to Michael’s accounts of elephants, opera and other revelations as he attempts to bargain his freedom from hospital incarceration. 

How this psychological thriller set in a psychiatric hospital ends, I, unfortunately, don’t know. I walked home and am now eating chocolate. But it’s playing at the Park Theatre until   11 February, and it’s under 90 minutes straight through. What’s there not to like about that?

Production photo by Giacomo Giannelli

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