Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Film: Marie Antoinette

Sunday night I caught Marie Antoinette. I would warn people not to watch this film on an empty stomach as there are an astonishing array of desserts in this film. After ninety minutes I kept looking at my watch as I really fancied a tart or something with cream and berries. Unfortunately the film had another half hour or so to go so it was a bit of a long wait. And all I could get at the end of the film was a Magnum. Kirsten Dunst is great in any film she is in, although here she just had to play herself. Style triumphs over substance here but everything is so gorgeous (including the tarts) and was similar in tone to director Sofia Coppola's other films that it was watchable enough...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Quiet Saturday Lunch in SW2

Scenes from a SW2 Bar Friday 21:12

Scenes from a SW2 Bar Friday 21:12
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After a jug of cosmopolitans, I started photographing anything around me... Last time I was at this bar (just a few days earlier) there was this fifty-something woman making out with a twenty-something man on the very same seat that these ladies were sitting on. It was so bizarre. Anyway, the ladies didn't mind the attention. Oh and that is a projection screen behind them...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Scenes from Jubilee Bridge Thursday 22:18

Scenes from Jubilee Bridge Thursday 22:18
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Conversation taking this photo went something like this:
Paul: I'm not sure about using the flash on this camera as I will look really white...
F: But you ARE white...
Paul: Oh yeah...

Theatre: Caroline Or Change

I received a bit of flack this week from an anonymous poster connected somehow to the West End production of Cabaret saying I was such a bitch for what I wrote about Cabaret and that I should stick to watching Daddy Cool or some other jukebox musical as that would be all my intelligence could cope with. Those creative types can get so touchy...

Anyway, I had already bought tickets to see Caroline Or Change for Thursday evening so I couldn't take them up on their suggestion. I had been looking forward to this for some time. Listening to the Broadway Cast Recording over the past couple of years it has grown on me to be one of my favourite musicals of recent years. With a book and lyrics by Tony Kushner (who also wrote Angels in America) and music by Jeanine Tesori (who wrote the musicals "Violet" and "Twelfth Night" and the new music for "Thoroughly Modern Millie" when it was adapted for stage) it received raves when it opened and the UK production has similarly received glowing reviews since opening.

Set in Louisiana where "Nothin' ever happens" just after the Kennedy assassination in 1963, it covers a period of small changes and bigger impacts that flow from them. Caroline is a black maid in a Jewish household. Noah, a young boy in that household, keeps leaving small change in his pockets and his step mother wants to teach him a lesson by letting Caroline keep all the change in his pockets. Caroline is a sad and lonely figure, but she escapes into her own world of work as a maid in the basement doing laundry where the washing machine, the radio and the dryer come to life. Her life is the music of the day so the score is peppered with soul, blues and rock and roll music set to the mundane and banal world that she is living in. This a world where money, loss and disappointment in life rule the day. Her daughter and her friend Dotty are moving with the times, but Caroline is resisting everything that is happening around her.

The drama builds to a series of climaxes that culminate in the performance of the above song "Lott's Wife" which has to be the most exciting thing I have seen on stage. Sitting where I was - merely a few metres away from Tonya Pinkins (reprising her role from Broadway and seen in the above clip) - you couldn't help but be blown away. The rest of the cast in this production were equally fabulous, and the singing in this production was particularly good. Pippa Bennett-Warner as Caroline's daughter Emmie was great and I also liked Malinda Parris as the washing machine who gave wet sudsy clothes such sex appeal...

For a musical some serious themes were being dealt with here. Race, poverty, consumerism, grief, anger, loss and disappointment. But at the heart of this show with its focus on two families was a story of hope and optimism. A new direction for an old genre called musical theatre if there ever was one...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scenes from Tooting Sunday 21:33

Scenes from Tooting Sunday 21:33
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Heading home from a curry in Tooting, one couldn't help but notice the window displays. I suggested to An that I could wear that hat at his impending birthday party... Well, the invite said dress "celebratory"...

Sunday phone conversation

Paul: Just what do you say to someone with a Prince Albert?
Ad: How about, "Would you take that out for me please?"
Paul: Yes it's good to remove the earrings before dinner...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Scenes from Clapham Common Fish pond Saturday 13:37

Scenes from Clapham Common Fish pond Saturday 13:37
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Afternoon light...

Scenes from Elephant & Castle Saturday 00:15

Scenes from Elephant & Castle Saturday 00:15
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Waiting for doors to open...

The Week by location

Monday: In Sydney having bad cocktails
Monday night: In Brisbane hospital getting saline
Tuesday: In Brisbane having lunch
Tuesday night: On a plane to Singapore
Wednesday morning: Arrive in Singapore 5am have shower at airport and change of clothes having managed to get noodle sauce over my polo shirt.
Wednesday morning: Fly out of Singapore. The best thing about Singapore is the plane out of it.
Wednesday afternoon: Arrive Heathrow.
Wednesday evening: Arrive Clapham. Go to the high street for dinner. Weather curiously the same as I left it in Brisbane.
Thursday: Back at work in body. Have cocktails in Brixton after work which gets the taste of the Sydney one's out of my mouth.
Friday: Back at work in mind.
Saturday: All is zen... Eating tuna sandwich while updating blog...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Taking time out...

No more updates on this blog until October 20... I am in Australia until then (Brisbane to be precise)...

Until then check out my travel blog paulincognito.blogspot.com