News: Puttin' on a show

Last year was a record year for West End theatres, and goddammit, I am sure I at least tried to see every show... or at least every other show, concert, live performance or whatever you call it. On the plus side now tickets for me a half the price they once were as I only have to buy for one...

Going solo to a theatre can have other benefits too... Apart from eavesdropping on other people's conversations you just never know - if it is some enchanted evening - just who you might meet across a crowded foyer / room...

Life: Support

Broke the news to colleagues today... (the news that I am single). While unfortunately nobody chimed up with "Oh well I have this terrific friend..." (dammit), they have been great and let me pay out on them more so than usual today. One asked me, "But you seemed so happy," to which I replied, "Well that's okay, I was!".

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