Living: The hunt continues

Went to Ravenscourt Park (near Hammersmith) to see another place. Definitely would take it if offered. Don't know if I passed the "beauty contest"... Since I was late coming from work (again).

It was the first place where the person offering it described a 10 minute walk as 10 Minutes.

This was unusual given the London exaggerations such as:
* A five minute walk really takes ten to fifteen minutes
* Close to shops and transport links means forget about getting to them without a car
* Modern furnishings = Ikea
* 8" = 6"

Its all part of the games people play in London. Sometimes you just have to go what-evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Actually I say that at work a bit and for a skinny white guy saying that, it gets lots of cheap laughs.

News: Ken not sorry

London Mayor - that's the Mayor of the Congestion Charge and general publicity - Ken Livingstone is in hot water for likening a reporter to a concentration camp guard.

While most reporters here are like attack dogs, it is not the done thing to make references to the war in that context and his conduct has been referred to the standards board - which could recommend he be suspended from office.

The Olympics Inspectors are in town - hence the tube trains with the bright yellow seat covers...

And it is London fashion week and the news is "bling is out". Expect to see more narrow flannel trousers and single breasted jackets for winter 2005/06...

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