The art of Feedburning...

Adding Feedburner to my site has unearthed some interesting things about who reads my blog. For instance if you search Google using the following terms my blog is (apparently) of assistance:
  • Nearest IKEA store to Finsbury Park (but I prefer John Lewis!)
  • Catherine Naglestad Tosca Covent Garden 2006 (fair enough I did write about that)
  • Paul Lange Australia address (who the fuck is that?)
  • BFI Southbank (fair enough I have been there a bit in the past week)
  • THE RISING BALLAD OF MANGAL PANDEY (there's no need to shout!)
  • Testicle torture Daniel Craig (what?)
  • Hampstead Heath gay exact location (what am I George Michael's personal assistant?)
And alas if you type "Paul in London" and "motherfucker" in Google I somehow top the list...

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