Life in London: stalking spring joggers in spandex

Springtime for Lycra #3There is always the thrill of the first sunny and warm day of the year. Sunday just past was that sort of day. As temperatures hit above fifteen degrees celsius, people took to the parks and the streets to enjoy the great outdoors.

And joggers took to the streets to celebrate... Wearing their best synthetic fibres... Shorts and t-shirts were curiously absent.

Springtime for Lycra #2

Springtime for Lycra #1

I am currently restricted to walking so could not keep up with the stalking... But whether it was some reticence over if the temperatures really were warm enough to show bare flesh (or just that there are some good deals out there for leggings), runners dressed in near superhero-like outfits is a trend around town that would be interesting to see more of in the coming months... And not just next week for the marathon...

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