Music: What I am listening to...

Today despite the 2500 my iPOD tells me I have on it, I realised I need more music for the gym. I do have music but it is the same music I had two years ago and it seems so 2003. Music is all about association and I didn't need to re-live two years ago. So I went to HMV to get Kylie's "Body Language" album, and picked up a reissue of Liza's album with the Pet Shop Boys from 1989. But thinking of Bernstein's Candide from last night I did like the following lines from the final number Make Our Garden Grow:

"Let dreamers dream
What worlds they please
Those Edens can't be found.
The sweetest flowers,
The fairest trees
Are grown in solid ground."

A stanza for those very sensible realists out there in the world no doubt...

Moving: What move? Oh that move

Before I move out of the current quarters, it is probably worth noting for the record that from today I officially living alone in West Hampstead. This is not a great deal of difference to how things were in the past few months, except that are less vitamin supplements in the cupboards and more space in the bathroom. Free space will no doubt expand over the next couple of weekends as everything is gradually moved out... and cleaned... The latter I can't wait for...

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