Music: Those crazy chicks...

The Dixie Chicks are on BBC TV tonight. They are keen to plug it as the scene of the crime, but all controversy aside their new album Taking the Long Way (which is on my iPOD) has some pretty darn good songs on it. Here's hoping they keep writing about themselves, being themselves and just writin'…  

The album really deals about their experiences post 2003 when in an off-hand statement at a London concert they told the crowd they were ashamed to be from the same state of the US as George W Bush. That apparently is disrespecting the President as he was just about to commit troops to the war in Iraq. Every country has its sacred cows, but this album is full of little "fuck yous" to their fans who used to have them with Reba McEntire on their CD changer. Combined with great melodies, great voices who could ask for anything more?

Interestingly they are not the only ones disrespecting the President nowadays. Pink has a great song on her latest album Dear Mr President. The protest song is alive and well in 2006.

Btw since when has the act of showing disrespect been allowed to be called disrespecting?

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