Music: There's No Place Like Homo

After a month which has been so far taken up with being in concerts or rehearsing for concerts or travelling to get to concerts rather than seeing them, it was a refreshing change to just watch one. Mind you, Monday night was the second and final preview of the London Gay Men's Chorus show for this year's Edinburgh Fringe, so it was still chorus related. Sometimes when you join a group you forget that you almost join a cult (albeit one that sings and can party hard as the recent tour to Spain proved). This show was performed by the Far From Kansas group within the chorus. It had all the usual references to be expected and cheap laughs abounded. There were some great musical numbers as well, including ones from the recent shows from the main chorus.

Watching the show in the third row I got a bit carried away... It was probably the overly warm theatre on a hot July night and the cheap bubbly that caused me to yell out among other things "nice legs" to the boys in kilts. But it was a sight... Particularly when they attempted to sit in a polite way on high chairs... Anyway they are back in rehearsals to get that sorted before it heads to Edinburgh from 18 to 23 August. There is talk of a return engagement in London later this year as well given these two previews were sell outs. Here's hoping that's the case...

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